Audioversionen der Lichtbergmeditationen (auf Deutsch) (Sprecher: Tobias Nüssle)




Here you have both the full access to the audio versions of all 7 Mountain of Light meditations (each about 20 minutes), as well as an introductory sample. It's best to read the books in numerical order and listen to the corresponding meditation after each book. If you have not yet purchased a set of books, you can do so HIER and take advantage of the offer to receive a free audio version as a download. For private use, you can download the MP3-formatted versions to your computer and copy them to all your digital players.



  • Introduction to the audio versions (5:20 min.)
  • Basics: The place of coming and going (19:55 min.)
  • Volume 1 – Level 1 MEDITATION (20:35 min.)
  • Volume 2 – Level 2 MEDITATION (21:12 min.)
  • Volume 3 – Level 3 MEDITATION (22:40 min.)
  • Volume 4 – Level 4 MEDITATION (22:52 min.)
  • Volume 5 – Level 5 MEDITATION (22:30 min.)
  • Volume 6 – Level 6 MEDITATION (22:51 min.)
  • Volume 7 – Level 7 MEDITATION (24:00 min.)

A big thank you to Heike Buntain for her short introduction to every meditation-recording.

Meditation content and recordings:
Copyright © 1986-2013 Otto Richter, ⓟ 2013 Otto Richter
Music: excerpts from „The Calling“ © Otto Richter 1987

The Price:

Allows access to all 9 English language recordings with total time of almost 3 hours!

  • € 20.00 incl. 19% VAT - standard price for a download license
    (ATTENTION: no CD)
  • FREE: if you purchased the book-set on this website or at a Human Holographics® seminar. If you order the book set on this website, you will receive the download link for the audio meditations by e-mail. If you have bought the book-set at a seminar you will find on the foil packaging of the books a card with the inscription "Important Content". It contains a coupon code. Please enter it during the ordering process to download your free audio meditations.

Please be aware that this product is a digital download and does not include a CD. The above pictures serve only as illustrations.


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