Das 7-bändige Werk: Human Hologram (auf Deutsch) von Otto Richter

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The full 7-volume book-set

The Human Hologram is a seven volume series that lovingly guides readers on a journey from the painful existence in which ego rules… into the pleasure of being one’s true Self. Going on this voyage very convincingly shows how divine we really are. This long awaited series from internationally known author and rational mystic, Otto Richter, navigates us through the twists, turns, and ups and downs of spiritual growth–with startling success! Dancing on the edge between science and the sacred, the profound and the profane, he leads readers through his empowering holographic model of the human psyche, initiating us into new dimensions of mystical power. With remarkable tools that bypass any particular religious dogma, we are shown how to connect to extraordinary physical vitality, mental clarity, emotional stability and spiritual awareness.

The series embraces the best of humanistic, transpersonal, and research-based psychology and combines it with fundamental aspects of archaic shamanism, energetic bodywork, and a hefty dose of humor. Richter eloquently infuses the teachings of his spiritual mentors, as well as his own mystical insights. Outstanding findings in the neurosciences are also revealed that, now more than ever, explain how our brain chemistry is involved. Plus, a guided meditation (also available as a digital-audio download) offers a deeper, more refined experience of each volume.


Diese wunderschön gebundenen Bücher beinhalten den kompletten Human Holographics® Trainingsprozess und zusätzlich Elemente des Fortgeschrittenentrainings zum Schnuppern! Die englische Version des Buchsets ist HERE verfügbar.

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1st Edition (German Language): 30. August 2013 (Param Verlag)

Format: mat, 19.5 x 12.5 cm, hardcover

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Zum Dank für den Kauf eines Bücher-Sets auf dieser Website, biete ich Euch die digitalen Audioversionen aller sieben geführten „Lichtbergmeditationen“ inklusive des „Ortes des Kommens und Gehens“ als Download an. Bestelle einfach das Bücherset. In Abhängigkeit von der gewählten Zahlungsweise kannst du deine digitalen MP3-Versionen direkt im Anschluss oder kurze Zeit später herunterladen! Viele von Euch haben mich in all den Jahren immer wieder gebeten, ob ich nicht Tonaufnahmen dieser Meditationen produzieren könnte. Jetzt sind sie da, als ein Geschenk von mir an Euch.
Otto Richter

Book Descriptions

1 – Earth
2 – South
3 – North
4 – West
5 – East
6 – Spirit
7 – Center


Connection-Spirit Magazine:  Rating: 5sterne  Excellent! "A treasure chest worth opening. ... seven small, rich, inspiring and beautifully designed volumes; Pearls full of wisdom! "

4 reviews for Das 7-bändige Werk: Human Hologram (auf Deutsch) von Otto Richter

  1. Andreas Jaeger

    The journey through the Human Hologram in book form! As a former participant of Otto Richter's seminars, I am glad to repeat and deepen the stages of this journey with the help of these beautifully designed volumes. Even just quickly skimming through wakes up buried lessons in my subconscious , makes me thirsty for more and grateful for the experience. Otto Richter's affinity, humor and light-hearted seriousness is a gift that anyone can benefit from.

  2. Ingrid E. Möbius

    The books are very well suited for beginners who are looking for a companion in these times of multidimensional change to navigate safely through the highs and lows of their lives. New means and perspectives are offered, and with some patience, you can learn many secrets about how to decrypt the human being and become more self-aware. This is an adventurous journey. At the end of it is a new self-image, because you will learn a lot about yourself and thus about other people, because we are all a single bright Light! I recommend to you this wonderful work written with love and humor and humility - as we know, these are the hallmarks of wisdom.
    Warning: If you've read one volume, you will probably want more - so it's worth buying the set.
    As a longtime student of Human Holographics® I am very grateful for these beautifully designed companions, the essence of Otto Richter's seminar work!

  3. Vinzent Liebig

    Dear Otto,

    With "Human Hologram" you have written seven books that invite us on a wonderful journey through the chakras. All these memories of Paul Solomon, Don Eduardo Calderon and Gabriele Roth, the dialogues with seminar participants, the imaginations, meditations and exercises alternate so vividly that I was already moved in the most pleasant way by merely reading. And after a short time not only the contents of my dreams changed, but even their structure and I found that in my thinking and feeling, new patterns of movement had formed.

    You reminded my mind that it can dance!

    This is pure shamanism based on the magic of our mind. Your writing is grounded, intelligent, full of love and humor - brilliant, absolutely worth reading!

    I have found three essential messages in your books:
    First, as humans, we have tremendous potential Second, it's important to stay lively and keep moving.
    Third - LOVE!

    Thank you and all the best,
    Vinzent Liebig

  4. Raimund Mauch (verified owner)

    "Human Hologram" always inspires and encourages me to go one step further in a very humorous and profound way. To take responsibility for how I experience my life and the world. The exercises are very concrete and their effectiveness immediately noticeable. They connect me with my life force and motivate me to participate more in the miracle of life. These books are a treasure trove for people who want to develop honestly.
    Thank you very much, Raimund Mauch

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