Mountain of Light Meditation
Audio Versions (in English)
Speaker: Otto Richter


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8 guided meditations (with introduction)
from The Human Hologram Book-Set

Here you have full access to the audio versions of all 7 Mountain of Light Meditations (approximately 20 min. each) as well as introductory recordings. It is best to read the books in numerical order and listen to the corresponding meditation after each book. If you have not yet purchased a book set, you can take the opportunity HERE to order all 7 volumes. You can download the mp3 formatted versions for private use on all your digital audio player devices.




  • Introduction to the audio versions (5:20 min.)
  • Basics: Place of Coming and Going (17:44 min.)
  • Book 1 – Level 1 MEDITATION (20:48 min.)
  • Book 2 – Level 2 MEDITATION (21:29 min.)
  • Book 3 – Level 3 MEDITATION (21:14 min.)
  • Book 4 – Level 4 MEDITATION (21:16 min.)
  • Book 5 – Level 5 MEDITATION (21:06 min.)
  • Book 6 – Level 6 MEDITATION (21:19 min.)
  • Book 7 – Level 7 MEDITATION (21.17 min.)

A big thank you to Heike Buntain for her short introduction to every meditation-recording.

Meditation Content and Recordings:
Copyright © 1986-2013 Otto Richter, ⓟ 2013 Otto Richter
Musik: Auszüge von „The Calling“ © Otto Richter 1987

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Access to all 9 English-language recordings with a total length of over 3 hours.

  • A great amount of time, energy and care was put into the creation of these recordings. Please consider a contribution equal to how valuable they are to you. Thank you!

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